Grafton Water District -- FAQs - General Questions

How do I connect to the Grafton Water District?
Please click on the following link to find out more. Connect to GWD

What is a pressure regulator?
A pressure regulator is located after the meter and is used to reduce the pressure coming into your house from the street. Your working pressure should be around 60 pounds.

How do I know where my service is?
You can contact us and we will locate and mark your service if you are planning to dig on your property.

Where is my master shut-off?
Located on every service near the property line is a master shut-off. We can locate and mark this shut-off for you. Only the District can use this shut-off.

I am selling my house, how do I get a final reading?
Contact our office to schedule a final reading. For a detail explanation of our final reading process and rates, refer to our final bill page.


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